Limited Animation and Its Contribution to the Animation World

One of the major techniques in historical animation development is limited animation. It was excessively used a few decades ago and still continues to be used as a complementary animation.
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Limited Animation:

As the name indicates, Limited Animation refers to animation that is done by keeping the word ‘limited’ in mind. This limited is applied to the frames used in the animation and the objective behind this kind of animation is to create animated cartoons without redrawing the frames, rather it is to be done by utilizing the movements within the frames to create effect.


Traditionally the cartoons of Disney in the 1930s and 1940s were very popular because of their real to life animation that involved the stylized design technique. In this technique, importance was given to every frame detail and thus, this kind of animation turned out to be rather expensive and time consuming. Then came limited animation, that focused on producing the same kind of closed to reality animation, without recreating the frames, rather it utilized the parts of frames to create the effect. This lowered the cost as well as the time spent on animation. Moreover, this use of frames allowed the animator to create effects of visual representation that go beyond the word-description. Therefore, the imagination one sees in animation is an outcome of the skill of the animator using limited animation technique. For more on the effectiveness of limited animation techniques visit

The use and effectiveness of limited animation is entirely dependent upon the animator using it. If the animator has the eye for catching and grabbing anything additional that can be used in another frame, then the animator can save lots of time in creating animation, whereas if the animator is not keen, the result will be the same extensive detailed framed animation. Therefore, the entire technique and its effectiveness is dependent upon the way the animator uses the details of a frame.